Manual cleaning machine specific for the removal of grease, oils and impurities from the threaded ends of pipes.

Its main features are:

  • No brushes but only degreasing solution;
  • Degreasing tank with double filtration system (gravity filter and oil skimmer);
  • Different sets of washing heads according to the diameters of the pipe ends to be treated (Ø 2 3/8″ ÷ 20″);
  • Iris damper for self-adjusting the head closure according to the pipe diameters, designed and built to not damage the surface during the process;
  • Possibility, with different lances, of washing the end of the external (PIN) and internal (BOX) pipe ;
  • Thread length to be treated up to 300 mm;
  • Complete washing cycle duration <= 45 sec;

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