For an important customer of ours we have realized a new pipe washing machine – Cleaning Washing Machine 2.0 – with the purpose of removing the internal welding seam of the pipes.

The peculiarity of the machine are the dimensions of the pipes to be treated (from Ø 19 to Ø 40 mm) and the cleaning cycle time (<= 4 sec).

The choice of specific components to optimize the working time and the realization of an innovative iris that avoids damages on the external surface of the treated pipes have allowed us to realize a machine with very high performances compared to our traditional Cleaning Washing Machine.


The main advantages obtained by this redesigned machine are:


  • Fully automatic process
  • Optimized speed and accuracy of operations while maintaining the known reliability of our Cleaning Washing Machines
  • Integrated machine that can be integrated into a larger production line
  • High performance washing chamber closure system suitable to not damage the surface of the tube during the treatment phase